Haemoglobin A1c (NGSP)


Howey JEA, Bennet WM, Browning MCK, Jung RT and Fraser CG, 1989, Diabetic Medicine, 6, 793-6 , Clinical utility of assays of glycosilated haemoglobin and serum fructosamine comapred: use of data on biological variation


Total Score


Parameter Score
1. Scale A
2. Study Population A
3. Samples A
4. Measurand A
5. Pre-Analytical B
6. Replicate Analysis A
7. Steady State B
8. Outlier Analysis C
9. Normality B
10. Variance Homogeneity C
12. CI A
13. No of Results C
14. Concentrations A
15. Total Score C8,10,13
Comment 1) Data may not be used for estimation of RCV (9B). 2) Data is not necessarily representative for the total population (10C).

Item Details

Parameter Score
Matrix Whole Blood EDTA
Measurand Haemoglobin A1c (NGSP)
Unit % / _
Overall Analytical Principle Method Spectrophotometry; UV/VISIBLE
Number of Subjects 8
Number of Subjects included in BV estimation 8
Ethinicity Caucasian
Age Mean / Median
Age Min 50.0
Age Max 88.0
Age SD
Number of Males 3
Number of Females 5
State of Well Being
Non-healthy (excl pregnant)
Study Duration Length 3
Study Duration Units Week
Sampling Intervals, e.g. X sample(s) per Interval Unit 2
Interval Units Week
Sampling Times Start Time:
End Time:
Number of Samples 6
Average Number of Samples Used for BV Estimation 6.0
Average Number of Replicates 2.0
Estimates of CVi 7.3
Calculated Confidence Intervals of CVi Lower: 5.86, Upper: 9.49
Estimates of CVg 10.8
Calculated Confidence Intervals of CVg Lower: 6.90, Upper: 21.30
Analytical CV 3.0
Calculated Confidence Intervals of Analytical CV Lower: 2.50, Upper: 3.75
Measurand Mean 9.2
Measurand Min
Measurand Max
Measurand SD