Calcium - ionised


Cembrowski G, Tran DV and Higgins TN, 2010, Clin Chem Lab Med, 48, 1447-54 , The use of serial patient blood gas, electrolyte and glucose results to derive biological variation: a new tool to assess the acceptability of intensive care unit testing


Total Score

Parameter Score
1. Scale NA
2. Study Population NA
3. Samples NA
4. Measurand NA
5. Pre-Analytical NA
6. Replicate Analysis NA
7. Steady State NA
8. Outlier Analysis NA
9. Normality NA
10. Variance Homogeneity NA
12. CI NA
13. No of Results NA
14. Concentrations NA
15. Total Score
Comment big data, not possible to evaluate by bIVAC

Item Details

Parameter Score
Matrix Whole blood
Measurand Calcium - ionised
Unit mmol / L
Overall Analytical Principle Method Ion-selective electrode
Number of Subjects 1676
Number of Subjects included in BV estimation 1676
Ethinicity Unknown
Age Mean / Median
Age Min
Age Max
Age SD
Number of Males
Number of Females
State of Well Being
Non-healthy (excl pregnant)
Study Duration Length 12
Study Duration Units Hour
Sampling Intervals, e.g. X sample(s) per Interval Unit 2
Interval Units Hour
Sampling Times Start Time:
End Time:
Number of Samples 5
Average Number of Samples Used for BV Estimation 5.0
Average Number of Replicates 2.0
Estimates of CVi
Calculated Confidence Intervals of CVi Lower: , Upper:
Estimates of CVg
Calculated Confidence Intervals of CVg Lower: , Upper:
Analytical CV
Calculated Confidence Intervals of Analytical CV Lower: , Upper:
Measurand Mean
Measurand Min
Measurand Max
Measurand SD