Included in meta analysis


Godsland IF, 1985, Ann Clin Biochem, 22, 618-24 , Intra-individual variation: significant changes in parameters of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism in the individual and intra-individual variation in different test populations


Total Score


Parameter Score
1. Scale A
2. Study Population A
3. Samples A
4. Measurand A
5. Pre-Analytical A
6. Replicate Analysis C
7. Steady State B
8. Outlier Analysis C
9. Normality B
10. Variance Homogeneity C
12. CI C
13. No of Results C
14. Concentrations A
15. Total Score C6,8,10,12,13

Item Details

Parameter Score
Matrix Plasma
Measurand Insulin
Unit microU / mL
Overall Analytical Principle Method Immunoassay; RIA
Number of Subjects 9
Number of Subjects included in BV estimation 9
Ethinicity Unknown
Age Mean / Median
Age Min
Age Max
Age SD
Number of Males
Number of Females
State of Well Being
Healthy (excl pregnant)
Study Duration Length 27
Study Duration Units Week
Sampling Intervals, e.g. X sample(s) per Interval Unit 1
Interval Units Week
Sampling Times Start Time: 9:00
End Time: 10:30
Number of Samples 27
Average Number of Samples Used for BV Estimation 19.0
Average Number of Replicates
Estimates of CVi 21.1
Calculated Confidence Intervals of CVi Lower: 8.21, Upper: 26.00
Estimates of CVg 31.5
Calculated Confidence Intervals of CVg Lower: 21.18, Upper: 58.28
Analytical CV 17.8
Calculated Confidence Intervals of Analytical CV Lower: 13.36, Upper: 26.68
Measurand Mean
Measurand Min
Measurand Max
Measurand SD