Troponin I, cardiac - high-sensitive

Included in meta analysis


Simpson AJ, Potter JM, Koerbin G, Oakman C, Cullen L, Wilkes GJ, Scanlan SL, Parsonage W and Hickman PE. , 2014, Clin Chem, 60, 848-54 , Use of observed within-person variation of cardíac troponin in emergency department patients for determination of biological variation and percentage and absolute reference change values


Total Score


Parameter Score
1. Scale A
2. Study Population C
3. Samples A
4. Measurand A
5. Pre-Analytical C
6. Replicate Analysis C
7. Steady State A
8. Outlier Analysis B
9. Normality A
10. Variance Homogeneity C
12. CI A
13. No of Results C
14. Concentrations A
15. Total Score C2,5,6,10,13
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Item Details

Parameter Score
Matrix Plasma
Measurand Troponin I, cardiac - high-sensitive
Unit ng / L
Overall Analytical Principle Method Immunoassay; Other
Number of Subjects 283
Number of Subjects included in BV estimation 283
Ethinicity Caucasian
Age Mean / Median
Age Min
Age Max
Age SD
Number of Males 164
Number of Females 119
State of Well Being
Healthy (excl pregnant)
Study Duration Length 17
Study Duration Units Hour
Sampling Intervals, e.g. X sample(s) per Interval Unit 1
Interval Units Other
Sampling Times Start Time:
End Time:
Number of Samples 3
Average Number of Samples Used for BV Estimation 2.0
Average Number of Replicates 1.0
Estimates of CVi 14.0
Calculated Confidence Intervals of CVi Lower: 12.08, Upper: 15.78
Estimates of CVg 84.0
Calculated Confidence Intervals of CVg Lower: 77.49, Upper: 91.68
Analytical CV 8.5
Calculated Confidence Intervals of Analytical CV Lower: 7.18, Upper: 10.43
Measurand Mean
Measurand Min 1.0
Measurand Max 40.0
Measurand SD