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Andersson AM, Carlsen E, Petersen JH and Skakkebaek NE, 2003, J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 88, 932-937 , Variation in levels of serum Inhibin B, testosterone, estradiol, luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone and sex hormone binding globulin in monthly samples from healthy men during a 17-month period: possible effects of seasons

Originally from this reference: J Clin Endocrinol Metab, Andersson AM, Carlsen E, Petersen JH and Skakkebaek NE, 2003

ID: 0241


Total Score


Parameter Score
1. Scale A
2. Study Population A
3. Samples A
4. Measurand A
5. Pre-Analytical A
6. Replicate Analysis B
7. Steady State C
8. Outlier Analysis C
9. Normality A
10. Variance Homogeneity C
12. CI A
13. No of Results C
14. Concentrations B
15. Total Score C7,8,10,11,13

Item Details

Parameter Score
Matrix Serum
Measurand FSH level
Unit IU / L
Overall Analytical Principle Method Immunoassay; Time-resolved immunofluorometric assay (TR-IMFA)
Number of Subjects 27
Number of Subjects included in BV estimation 27
Ethinicity Caucasian
Age Mean / Median 24.4
Age Min 20.0
Age Max 37.2
Age SD
Number of Males 27
Number of Females
State of Well Being Healthy (excl pregnant)
Study Duration Length 17
Study Duration Units Month
Sampling Intervals, e.g. X sample(s) per Interval Unit 1
Interval Units Month
Sampling Times Start Time: 8:15
End Time: 12:00
Number of Samples 16
Average Number of Samples Used for BV Estimation 16.0
Average Number of Replicates 1.0
Estimates of CVi 11.0
Calculated Confidence Intervals of CVi Lower: 10.21, Upper: 11.88
Estimates of CVg 49.0
Calculated Confidence Intervals of CVg Lower: 38.70, Upper: 66.75
Analytical CV 3.0
Calculated Confidence Intervals of Analytical CV Lower: 2.48, Upper: 3.80
Measurand Mean
Measurand Min
Measurand Max
Measurand SD


Parameter Score
Healthy Population true
Adult Population true
Weekly Samplings true
Reviewed true
Published true
Gender for Meta-Analysis Males
Snomed CT