The European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM) Biological Variation Database is managed by the EFLM Working Group on Biological Variation (WG-BV) and the Task Group for the Biological Variation Database (TG-BVD).

Following the 1st Strategic Conference of the EFLM defining Analytical Performance Specifications in November 2014, the EFLM Task and Finish Group for the Biological Variation Database (TFG-BVD) was established, with the objective to appraise the quality of BV data that is publicly available. Its terms of reference were to develop a critical appraisal list for the evaluation of BV studies, to use this to assess the existing literature on BV and to extract essential information from those papers and to summarize the results. This work is now taken forward by the TG-BVD, which is located within the WG-BV in the EFLM.

We would like to thank Siemens Healthineers and the Spanish Society of Laboratory Medicine (SECQML) who have provided sponsoring for the TG-BVD meetings.